Youth Corps Learning Festival
Youth Corps Learning Festival
Youth Corps Learning Festival


Youth Corps Learning Festival
Youth Corps Learning Festival

Want to try out zero-waste shopping? Experience an ageing simulation? Learn more about

Social Service Organisation?

You can do all that and MORE at the marketplace, taking place at *SCAPE's Ground Theatre and

Band Stand. There are over 20 booths that you can visit. Don't miss out!

Youth Corps Learning Festival
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Air Amber

Air Amber is a social impact organisation that works with communities around the world to co-create enterprise ventures.

Animal Allies

Animal Allies promotes the importance of plant based eating and impacts of animal agriculture industry.

Art for Good

Art for Good is a social enterprise which helps communities by creating good through art.

Arting Hearts

Arting Hearts is a social enterprise that provides evidence-based art experiences for people of all ages.


AWWA is a social service organisation, serving over 10,000 of the disadvantaged across life stages.

Bamboo Builders

Bamboo Builders empowers young adults with confidence and soft skills to build change better.

Better Trails

Better Trails is a social enterprise that promotes outdoor ethics through environmental education and outdoor recreation.

Camp Hiro Pte Ltd

Camp Hiro is a youths-based social enterprise that empower individuals to take ownership and action in addressing real community needs in Singapore.

College of Alice & Peter Tan  – CAPTsmile

CAPTsmile is a team of NUS students working with Solutions To End Poverty (STEP) Asia, to provide assistance for the communities of SMILE Village in Phnom Penh.

Dove Doodle

Dove Doodle is a social business that promotes and sell paintings online done by artists with disablities as they also aim to promote art appreciation in the community.

Eldercare Cluster by Youth Corps Singapore

A group of like-minded passionate youths aiming to raise awareness about eldercare-related issues, act as a resource hub, as well as equipping youths to better serve the eldercare sector.


Growthbeans is a safe space for self-discovery, growth and transformation where we come as strangers and leave as friends.

ITE College West - Wheelchairity

Fundraising for Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation

Junior Art Lab

Junior Art Lab aims to empower children & youths in using technology to teach digital literacy skills and broaden creative thinking through art & design.

Migrant x Me

Migrant X Me is a social enterprise that aims to educate the public and raise awareness for the challenges that migrant workers in Singapore face.


Montfort Care c/o GoodLife!@Kreta Ayer

GoodLife! is a program under Monfort Care which is a wellness centre that promotes and improve the overall wellbeing of seniors.

Playeum Ltd

Project Lengkong Kulon is a team of NUS students aiming to raise awareness for mental wellness among the public.

Project Peduli by Majulah

Peduli means to care and concern. Experience and learn about 3 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals: Reducing Inequalities, Providing Quality Education and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Raleigh Singapore

Raleigh Singapore is a registered society of volunteers dedicated to paying it forward through adventure, including development of youths and young working adults through adventure-based service-learning activities.


SADeaf serves the deaf and hard-of-hearing community by providing services much as casework and counseling.

SINDA Youth Club

The SINDA Youth Club (SYC) is a semi-autonomous division that engages Indian youth aged between 17 to 35, and aims to mould leaders of the next generation.

Special Needs Cluster by Youth Corps Singapore

The Special Needs Cluster is made up of youths who are passionate to serve the community of persons with special needs.

Swee Swee by Majulah

Perfect food. Perfect portions. Have a zero waste shopping experience through a delicious trip down memory lane while staying kind to the environment.


The Inside Space

The Inside Space curates experiences that empowers individuals to live out their idealism and purpose for this world.

The Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle.


WEmpathEYES is a social enterprise that aims to promote social awareness about the visually handicapped.

YOLDEN by Youth Corps Singapore

YOLDEN is a regular elderly befriending programme which aims to cater to the physical, intellectual and social emotional wellness of the beneficiaries.

Youth Corps Singapore

Youth Corps Singapore is the national institution for youth volunteerism focusing on Social Inclusion and Sustainability.

Youth Corps Singapore

Redemption Booth

Youth Expedition Project (YEP) - Project Lengkong Kulon

Project Lengkong Kulon is a team of NUS students aiming to raise awareness for mental wellness among the public.