Learning Journeys

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Migrant x Me

The Red Box

 26 July, 6.30pm –10.30pm

35 pax

Join us on an experiential learning journey to understand the privileges and prejudices that exists in our society today, and how we can promote further integration and inclusivity with migrant worker community in Singapore.

Migrant X Me is a social enterprise that aims to educate the public and raise awareness of the challenges that migrant workers in Singapore face.

This session is only for those aged 18 years and above.

Visit to Pulau Ubin

Changi Point Jetty

 27 July, 8.30am – 1.00pm

30 pax

Take a trip to Pulau Ubin to discover the beauty of the island, and learn how you can play a role preserving the heritage and environment in Ubin. 

Majulah Community is an organisation that believes in youth empowerment. Majulah believes that "Every youth can change the world", when given the opportunity to champion the cause they would like. 

There is a fee of $10 for the session. Payment details will be shared later.

Earth Citizen


 27 July, 1.30pm – 5.30pm

40 pax

Indulge in a unique experience of exploring community relationships and our individual connections to the earth, over at Kampung Kampus, and appreciate what environmental sustainability is all about. 

WOW Kampung is the education arm of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), to create better undestanding and connection of the Self with Nature and Community for future developments. 

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